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Why should we choose ColPrep Tutoring?

We have a proven track record of student success, evidenced by our test results and testimonials. We are NOT a conglomerate that hires students with high test scores to tutor our students.  We employ only the best specialists with past experience. We use REAL tests; the large companies and many other tutoring companies do NOT.  We teach our students to become more confident writers as we work interactively with them on their college applications and essays.  And we are a team with you- a small company truly committed to our students, and available to guide you and answer your questions anytime.

How long are tutoring sessions?

Most tutoring sessions are scheduled for one hour.  We are happy to make arrangements to meet for a longer period of time if our schedules permit.  For test prep, we schedule one meeting per week or back to back sessions on one day, depending on student request and tutor availability.  Students will complete outside assignments during the week for test preparation so we can assess mastery and challenges as we work to reach each student's goals.


Who are the tutoring specialists?

Our tutors are ALL experienced teachers.  We take pride in hiring only the best: enthusiastic, caring, and talented specialists who are dedicated to their students.  As specialists, we work together and collaborate on test preparation and college application and essay work.  Please visit the Our Specialists page to learn more about our team.


When are tutors available to meet with students?

Our tutoring specialists work around their students' busy schedules. We can arrange meetings for our students on weekdays before school, on in the afternoons or evenings.  Many of our tutoring specialists are happy to meet students on the weekends as well.  ​Virtual, online sessions will be scheduled individually based on student and tutor schedules.

What is the rate for tutoring sessions?

We offer many different opportunities, and our rates vary with these options for our students and parents.  We are competitive, and even LESS expensive, than many of the larger companies and our smaller competitors.  Please visit Our Programs page to see information and prices for our upcoming courses, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about pricing for private and small-group sessions.


Do you work with more than one student at a time?

We are happy to work with 2 or 3 students together.  This arrangement is especially popular with test preparation, but has also worked with students in the same class or who are learning from the same teacher. It is also cost effective. We do not form the groups; parents and students are welcome to find others to join them in the sessions, and we will arrange for the tutoring specialist.


We use ACTUAL tests with our students, not facsimiles offered by the big name companies.  We love to hear our students' success stories and their transference of these test-taking strategies to other courses and to college work.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions.  

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