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March 2023 News


Dear Families,

We are fortunate to have worked with so many students in person and online to help prepare for the March ACT and SAT tests t
hese last couple of months. We are happy to continue to help with test prep and high school courses, and we will begin taking reservations for college applications and essays next month!  

Need a last-minute strategies overview before your ACT next week? Our ACT videos are a great way to get tips and tricks for all section of the ACT.


Here are a few of the ACT tips discussed in the videos: 

  • Make it a goal to get to answer every question on the test. Pace yourself. From the ACT website -- You may bring a watch, timer, or stopwatch to pace yourself during testing, but it may not have an alarm. No smart watches are allowed. 

  • Check to see if your school is administering the ACT online. If so, go to to practice with online tests. 

  • Remember to pick the most concise correct answer for the English section. Eliminate wordy answer choices.  

  • The Math section gets harder as it goes along. The first 20 problems are easier than the last 20.

  • Target read for location of information on the Reading section. Always refer back to the text to help you answer. 

  • Don't read the Science passages until you need to. Most questions can be answered by referring to the figures they include. 


Our ACT strategies videos  explain these tips and many more! As always, we're happy to answer any questions you may have about testing and the college applications/essay process. 


Thank you! 

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