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A note on our summer enrichment seminars:

Many extra-curricular activities have been canceled this summer. In addition, some students would like to support or enrich their learning in different subject areas. I have teamed up with Pat Lewis, Director of Lewis Select College Consulting, to bring students a vast array of summer opportunities. Many of these seminars can be listed on a student's college resume. Impress your colleges by keeping educationally entertained this summer!


Seminars will run with 3-5 students (minimum and maximum). You can form your own seminar group! We'll plan the seminar weeks and times around the group members' availability. Cost will be determined by the number of students in the seminar and the number of hours we will meet. We are happy to assist in determining cost as soon as we have interested students. 

The list of available seminars is below. If you don't see an opportunity or seminar you hoped would be listed, contact us, and we'll see what we can do to offer it! As we schedule these seminars, we'll update the weeks they will run so you can contact us for more information.

And current clients will receive a 15% discount on any seminar if a student signs up from your recommendation. You share this information, and then you save! There is also a 15% discount on any second seminar registration.

Looking forward to working with you!  -- Katie and Pat

Seminar Options from ColPrep Tutoring:


1. Study Smart     2. The Foolproof College Freshman    3. Grammar and Mechanics For Test Prep         


4. ACT vs. SAT - Which Test is Better for Me?


5. SAT Prep - Strategies for SAT Reading, Writing, and Essay sections


6. SAT Prep - Strategies for SAT math sections  


7. ACT Prep - Strategies for ACT Reading, Writing, and Essay sections


8. ACT Prep - Strategies for ACT math and science sections


9. Get Ahead! Preparing for CC Math II            10. Get Ahead! Preparing for CC Math II

11. Strategies for Success in the Biological Sciences: Primary Literature and Research

12. Get Ahead! Preparing for Chemistry           13. Get Ahead! Preparing for Pre-Calculus


14. Get Ahead! Preparing for AP Calculus        15. Get Ahead! Preparing for AP Physics     16. Get Ahead! Preparing for APUSH


Seminar Options from Lewis Select College Consulting:

1. ACT/SAT 101 - The Basics                         2. Grammar and Mechanics Through Writing


3a. Critical Reading Strategies-Fiction           3b. Critical Reading Strategies - The Essay


4a. Crafting the Essay-Fiction                        4b. Crafting the Essay - Non-Fiction/Opinion


4c. Crafting the Essay - Persuasion                4d. Crafting the Essay - Narrative   


5. Running Lines (acting)             6. Creative Writing           


7. Writing the Research Paper  (running in the weeks of June 22-26 and 29-July 3! - 2 spaces 

    Contact Pat for days, times, and cost


8. Young Adult Readers' Roundtable (Gr. 6-8)         9. Readers' Roundtable (Gr. 8-10)   


10. Advanced Readers' Roundtable (Gr. 10-12)     11. The College Application/Essay Process   


If interested in any of these seminars, email Pat for more details at lewisselectcc@gmail.com

Virtual Tutoring 

We are now offering virtual tutoring for any high school subject area, general study skills, SAT/ACT prep, and college application essays. We will continue to work virtually with students until it is safe to offer in-person sessions. Thank you!

We are always happy to schedule private tutoring sessions for your student. Contact us to work out a plan that fits your family's schedule.


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