Private and Small Group Tutoring

We offer private tutoring for test prep (SAT/ACT), any high school subject area, general study skills and college applications and essays. We are happy to work virtually or in person. If your student would like to work with a friend or two, we can easily accommodate small group tutoring.
Contact us for more information or to schedule: colpreptutoring@gmail.com 

College Application and Essay Coaching

We love helping students craft door-opening college application essays! Register here to secure a space with one of our experienced writing specialists. We can assist students with all stages of the application essay process from brainstorming to editing final drafts. We also are happy to look over your Common Application, particularly the Activities section, to make sure you're effectively showcasing your accomplishments and interests. 

ACT vs. SAT Assessments

If you're unsure which test - SAT or ACT - is the better fit for your student, we can help! We offer SAT vs. ACT Assessments to help students select a test of focus. Colleges accept either test, so save time by deciding on a test that fits your skill set!
Contact us for more information: colpreptutoring@gmail.com 

PreACT and PSAT Previews and Assessments

If you're a freshman or sophomore, these options are for you! We can help you prepare for the preACT sophomores take in the fall and the PSAT juniors take in October. We can show you what to expect on each test, provide basic strategies for all sections, and guide you through practice test questions so you can earn an accurate score on these pre-assessments. 
Contact us for more information: colpreptutoring@gmail.com 

We are always happy to schedule private tutoring sessions for your student. Contact us to work out a plan that fits your family's schedule.