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Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website. We are celebrating our 15th year serving Chapel Hill-Carrboro and surrounding area students and love what we do! Before becoming director in 2018, I spent time as a verbal specialist on the ColPrep team. I earned my Masters in Teaching at UNC, and then spent ten years in North Carolina public schools, seven of them in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro system, teaching all grade levels of high school English.  While in the CHCCS system, I earned my National Board Certification. I love teaching ColPrep's SAT/ACT courses, developing strategies for college-bound tests,  and leading students through the college application essay process. When I am not scheduling students or working as a specialist myself, I enjoy traveling and spending time outside with my husband and three children. 

Our Verbal Team

ELLE graduated from Duke University with a BS in Biology and a BA in Global Health. Over her undergraduate career, Elle spearheaded research regarding quality of and access to leprosy care options in Sri Lanka, emergency care for scarf-related injuries in Bangladesh, and the dynamics and drivers of domestic minor sex trafficking in the United States. She was awarded the Michael Merson Undergraduate Student Leadership Award in Global Health for this work. Currently, Elle is a researcher at the Duke Department of Emergency Medicine and a teaching assistant for three graduate courses on grant writing, implementation science, and systematic reviews at the Duke Global Heath Institute. Elle is also a published writer through the American Medical Writers Association. Her philosophy toward teaching is student-centered and emphasizes conceptual understanding. As another tutor said, if a student doesn’t understand something, it hasn’t been presented in a way that works for them.       

SPECIALIZATIONS: life sciences (all levels of Biology and Chemistry), calculus-based Physics, and English; college application and essay development; ACT/SAT test-taking strategies for all sections

EMILY S. is a freelance science writer and tutor who specializes in math, grammar, and writing. Many people know her as a fun and creative tutor, but what they don’t know is that she is passionate about the roles of information and problem-solving in society. She supports students who are on a journey to becoming powerful, flexible thinkers.

SPECIALIZATIONS: CC Math 1 through BC Calculus; ACT/SAT Verbal and Math/Science Strategies, writing improvement and/or enrichment 

HANNAH earned her BA in English Literature, with minors in Spanish and Africana Studies, at Auburn University. She is currently a PhD candidate at a local, prestigious university, where she teaches writing and composition. Hannah also has a background in working with children from ages 8 to 14 in tutoring as well as mentorship and self-empowerment. 

SPECIALIZATIONS: writing specialist (college applications/essays, writing improvement and/or enrichment), AP English, organization/study skills. 

​JAN is a veteran teacher of middle school and high school English and Social Studies/History in the CHCCS district, with B.A. degrees in English and Journalism from the University of WI Madison.  "I love working for ColPrep Tutoring," Jan says. "Nothing is more exciting than seeing a student take a leap of understanding--whether it is during a challenging reading or in constructing an elegant sentence." When not tutoring, Jan is working furiously on her own first novel.   

SPECIALIZATIONS:  middle school/high school reading, organization/study skills, pre-ACT and PSAT  previews, assessments, and reviews; APUSH success, SAT and ACT verbal strategies; and writing skills (college applications/essays, writing improvement and/or enrichment)

RALPH earned his BA in English from UNC-CH and his MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College. He taught grant writing to graduate students at Tulane University for sixteen years and first-year composition at NCCU for a decade. He has published a number of short stories and novels; most recently he published "Argos: The Story of Odysseus as Told by His Loyal Dog" with HarperCollins. After sending two children to college recently he understands the college application process and is eager to help students find their "authentic voice" in order to craft impactful essays.

SPECIALIZATIONS: writing specialist (college applications/essays, fundamentals of grammar/punctuation, writing improvement and/or enrichment), SAT/ACT verbal strategies

SOPHIA recently graduated from UNC with a BS in biochemistry with honors and distinction. Sophia has extensive experience as a peer mentor for biochemistry courses and as a tutor for various subjects including math, science, and Spanish. Sophia is passionate about helping students conquer challenging course material and achieve their full potential. 

SPECIALIZATIONS: SAT and ACT verbal and math/science strategies, CC Math I through BC Calculus, Chemistry, Study skills/organization 

Image by Ben Mullins

Our Math and Science Team

ADITI is completing her Bachelor of Science in Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, specializing in Environmental Health Sciences and minoring in Statistics and Chemistry. Her tutoring philosophy centers around teaching students to encounter uncertainty with greater confidence by breaking down concepts into manageable parts. She is also passionate about helping students find a learning and organizational style that best suits their needs, especially for students that struggle with time management, motivation, and ADHD. She hopes that all students can walk away feeling comfortable asking questions and finding joy in learning. Aditi sees tutoring as a stepping stone for her public service and plans to work as a public health professional in the future, with a focus on health behavior intervention development and health education.

SPECIALIZATIONS: SAT/ACT verbal and math/science strategies, AP Statistics, CC Math 1 through AB Calculus, organization/study skills

CAITLIN is a chemistry Ph.D. student at UNC Chapel Hill studying the biosynthesis of bacterial
natural products. She graduated from Binghamton University in 2021 with a B.S. in chemistry
with an emphasis in biological chemistry. Caitlin was a general chemistry teaching assistant for
three years in undergrad and a biochemistry lab teaching assistant for her first year of graduate
school. Her passion for STEM makes her excited to help students learn and develop useful study
habits in these subjects. Outside of school, Caitlin enjoys playing the clarinet, going for walks,
and hanging with her cat Maisie.
SPECIALIZATIONS: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math through Algebra II, and SAT/ACT Math/Science.

CONNOR is completing his PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering at UNC's School of Public Health, conducting research on environmental microbiology and antibiotic resistance in environmental waters (including a recent project tracking COVID-19 in wastewater). He graduated from Rutgers University with a major in Biotechnology and minors in Biochemistry and Environmental Science. Connor loves thinking through mathematical and scientific reasoning and has a passion for communicating science to all audiences. He also is passionate about music and plays the drums for multiple local bands of varying genres.
SPECIALIZATIONS: SAT/ACT Math/Science and Verbal Strategies, Math 1-2, AP Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences

EMILY B. is a current Ph.D. graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill studying chemistry and biophysics. She graduated with her BS in chemistry from the University of California, Irvine in 2020. During her first year at UNC-Chapel Hill, Emily was a teaching assistant for an undergraduate biochemistry course. Her main goal is to help students learn by providing good study habits and tools that they need to thrive in the classroom. During her free time, Emily enjoys dancing and binge-watching Netflix. SPECIALIZATIONS: All college level chemistry courses/AP Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Math up to Calculus AB & BC. 

JULIAN is currently completing his Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. He likes to tutor in a style that focuses on gaining the foundations of concepts and then applying them to problem sets. Julian also strives to alleviate the stress of not knowing how to start a type of problem and not having a blueprint to follow. He wants his students to feel ready to work independently on the topics learned during his sessions. Lastly, Julian wants to keep an open dialogue between students and himself even after the session ends to make sure they feel prepared to work on their own.

SPECIALIZATIONS: CC Math 1 through BC Calculus, ACT/SAT Math and Science 

LUKE is an M.D./Ph.D. student at Duke University. He has completed his medical coursework and core clinical rotations and is now in the Ph.D. phase of his program studying immunology, specifically how we can improve the immune system’s ability to fight off cancer. Prior to coming to Duke, Luke graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Biology and in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. For three years after college, he worked as a research fellow, first studying undergraduate science teaching and learning and then immunology. Luke has experience tutoring math and science at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels, and was an introductory biochemistry and biology course TA. He also has experience working as a scientific writing editor. Luke enjoys working with students, and prioritizes helping them achieve a concept-based understanding and build their confidence in a low-stakes setting that welcomes questions and discussion. His teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that if a student isn’t “getting it” it is not because they can’t, it’s because the concept hasn’t been presented in a way that works for them!

SPECIALIZATIONS: Biology/ AP Biology; Chemistry/ AP Chemistry;  study skills and SAT/ACT math/science.

SHANNON completed her undergraduate education at Rhodes College in 2016 and went straight to graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Shannon was awarded her Ph.D. for her dissertation research focused on quantifying protein-protein interactions in living E. coli cells under Dr. Gary Pielak. She currently works as a scientist developing analytical characterization methods for vaccines, fusion proteins, and gene therapy products. Shannon has tutored many middle school, high school and college students in math and science subjects while in undergraduate and graduate school.

SPECIALIZATIONS: CC Math I through BC Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, SAT/ACT Math/Science, Study skills/organization 

TREVOR is a fifth-year Neurobiology graduate student at Duke University. He holds two Biomedical Engineering Degrees; he received his BS degree from Rutgers University and his MS degree from Northwestern University. His research interest is in Neuroengineering and brain-related technologies. Outside of the lab he likes hanging out with friends, playing games, and watching TV.

SPECIALIZATIONS: CC Math 1 through BC Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, AP Physics, ACT/SAT Math/Science

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