I just got my SAT scores back. I went up 380 points total! Thanks to the strategies I learned in the SAT course, I felt like I cruised through the test. Thank you so much!"  

Michael Lane, CHHS junior, 2018

With your help, Tyler significantly improved his overall score from 1210 to 1370 and specifically reading/writing, from 570 to 700!!!!  No doubt the 1-on-1 tutoring and focus on reading/writing helped Tyler. No need to super score, will only be sending colleges these results!  Very excited as this will help increase Tyler's chances getting admitted to schools and crossing fingers even maybe a chance at some scholarship money.

Beth Seyda-Tachman, mother of CHHS senior, 2019

"For two 17-year-old boys to like working with their ACT tutor speaks volumes! The test strategies for them and feedback for me are truly at the highest level. I can't recommend your team and services enough!"
Stef Perry, mother of two Jordan HS juniors, 2018

"How about 1370? - 140 point improvement!  I am so thrilled and so is Gresham.  We cannot thank you enough for your help.  You stepped right in and got right to work and we are so happy and this is a game changer in so many ways.  And all of this took place in one month! Thank you for advising us to play to Gresham's strength and include Math in the mix!"

Rick Perry, parent of East Chapel Hill senior, 2019

"My daughter has been a different person since her meeting with you for organizational strategies and study skills. She has a confidence and enthusiasm I have not seen lately!  Thank you so much."

K.P., mother of CHHS freshman, 2017


My daughter improved her ACT score by a full 5 points, which made her competitive for her reach schools!  In fact, she was accepted to one that was very high on her list!"
A.P., mother of CHCCS junior, 2017

My son went up 8 points on the English portion of the ACT!  Holy cow!  We are very pleased. Thanks for your help." 
C.T., parent of a home schooled student, 2018

"Your SAT prep class helped my son so much. After finishing your spring class, his score went up almost 200 points.  I'm a big fan of ColPrep Tutoring!  
Margaret Doherty, parent of CHHS junior, 2017


"We wanted to let you know that our daughter was accepted to all ten schools she applied to. She was offered over $20,000 at three of them. She has chosen Harvard! Please pass this along to her tutors. Your help was exactly what we needed. We are very proud of her." 
Heidi and Michael Lanford, parents of a WCS senior, 2018 

"I am in to NC State! So many of my friends were deferred, and I know it was an especially hard year to get accepted. I'm so glad you suggested I change my essay idea and be more vulnerable. It felt right and honest, and I'm so happy! Thanks for the writing lessons - they will be so helpful as I enter college as a confident writer!"

A.T., CHCCS senior 2018

"You ROCK!!! Everything you did to help my son was absolutely dead on. From the SAT and ACT prep to the resume and essays!
Your coaching and advice has been invaluable, and nothing short of ‘world class’!  We truly see that your help gave our son  the ‘edge’ he needed to stand out - he was accepted to EVERY school! He’s looking forward to taking your ‘Rising Freshmen’ seminar this summer. Thanks again for all of your help!  

Scott Arcure, parent of CHS senior, 2016-17


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