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College Testing Preparation

1.   Pre-ACT and PSAT Previews, Assessments, and Reviews

2.  Fall PSAT Seminar  

3.  Spring ACT course for state administered ACT in late February/early March

4.  SAT Course for May, June or July SAT

5.  Private, partner, and small group sessions for ACT and SAT 

6.  Private and small group ACT vs. SAT Assessments

Our Test Prep Methods are Strategy-Based and Proven

Average SAT increase of 60-80 points per section

Average ACT increase of 3-7 points per section

Based on our twenty plus years experience developing strategies that work, we teach our students HOW to approach these tests using techniques that will help them achieve their highest possible scores.  


Customized ​Learning & Assistance in All Subject Areas

We celebrate the fact that each student's learning style is unique.  Our private, partner, and small group sessions are designed specifically for each student.  ​Whether students need assistance with organization, study skills, reading, writing, math, or any class in school, we have tutoring specialists who are ready and willing to assist.


Expert advice on ACT vs. SAT

Students do NOT need to send both SAT and ACT scores to school.  The tests are different from each other, and one test will often be a better "fit" based on learning styles and individual strengths. Knowing if one test is a "fit" for the student allows for focused practice and less stress.

College Essay Assistance

We have worked with over 500 seniors to craft amazing essays and submit impressive college applications. We will teach students how to present themselves in their essays and how to be more confident writers in the process. We’ll share lessons on organization, logic and coherence, introductions and conclusions, grammar, punctuation, and other writing rules. As an added bonus, students enter college as more skilled writers, ready for college writing assignments. 


Summer Enrichment Seminars

Our summer seminars are great for students who want to prepare for an upcoming A.P. class, learn new test-taking and study strategies, or simply further their interest in a certain subject area. Colleges love to see enrichment opportunities like these!

College Consulting

We highly recommend Pat Lewis at Lewis Select College Consulting for the following services: 2, 3, and 4 year high school to college Plans to increase college acceptances; College Q/A Sessions for parents and students; College Major Assessments; college matching and selection; Interview Strategies and Techniques, Rising Senior Organization Sessions, and Understanding and Locating Scholarships. She can also schedule Independent Meetings to work with you on other needs and goals for your student.

Email or visit her website at anytime. 

Pat offers a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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